Salstill Passive Solar Distiller leverages advanced materials to drastically improve an ancient concept

Salstill is a next-generation solar distiller that operates with no moving parts. It uses advanced nanomaterials and free sunlight to deliver a high yield of clean water at low cost. The robust design is easy-to-use with nearly zero maintenance. Its modular design can easily scale to small or large installations and purifies contaminated source water at a rate that outperforms traditional solar stills by 5:1.

How the SalStill works

  • Solar Collector  The sun heats water as it  travels through. An insulated lens maximizes the heat captured.
  • Evaporation Chamber  An innovative design precisely controls the level of heated water.
  • Nano-tech Evaporator  Specially designed fabric with ultra-high surface area wicks heated water to maximize evaporation.
  • Drip Collector  Water vapor condenses on the collector surface, drips into a trough, and travels to the Clean Water Outlet.
  • Waste Water Outlet

A critical need for affordable clean water

20% of the world population lacks access to safe drinking water. In many areas, available well and surface water is either contaminated (with organic waste, industrial waste, agricultural runoff, …) or too saline to drink. The World Bank estimates that 88% of health issues in the world are a result of unsafe drinking water. The Salstill is designed to address this urgent need:

  • Each module can produce over 20 liters of clean drinking water per day.
  • The low-cost system provides drinking water for less than 3¢ per day ($10/year, per person).
  • A durable design (without fragile glass) provides 5+ years of continual operation.
  • No moving parts or pumps are required for installations of up to 5 modules. Larger community-scale installations feature a small solar-powered pump.
  • A small footprint (1 x 2 meters per module) allows individual home installation.

How is Salstill different?

Salstill delivers a unique combination of low cost, low maintenance and high production. Most solar distillers are far more expensive and/or difficult to maintain.
Specially designed nanotech fabric with ultra-high surface area maximizes evaporation.