Advanced water and wastewater treatment

Leveraging innovative nanomaterials and energy efficient technologies to deliver low-cost water and wastewater solutions.

Advanced modular water infrastructure

Voltek builds water systems with modular design and integrated solar power for rapid deployment.

SRO-3000 Solar
SRO-5000 Solar

Cutting-edge desalination technologies

Cost effective, energy efficient desalination with advanced CDI systems
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Effective feedwater pretreatment without chemical additives
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Highly automated and energy efficient RO systems
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SalStill delivers ultra-affordable desalination

We're bringing next-generation passive solar distillation to the mainstream with modular design, free solar energy, and nearly zero maintenance.

Air to water systems

The revolutionary Voltek HCS series atmospheric water system offers an immediate solution to drinking water shortages worldwide.

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Oxidation & Pretreatment

Voltek’s Hydrodynamic Cavitation systems radically reduce costs by supercharging ozone oxidation and anaerobic digestion processes
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Advanced Filtration & Treatment

Voltek’s HEM and SelecSorb systems efficiently remove contaminants from drinking water, groundwater, and industrial wastewater
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