Innovative Customized Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions.


Voltek Water Products


Membrane Systems

Voltek designs and manufactures highly automated and energy efficient reverse osmosis systems.

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Selective Contaminant Removal

Voltek Water’s SelecSorb systems are specialty systems custom designed for selective contaminant removal from Drinking Water, Groundwater and Industrial Wastewater.

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Hydrodynamic Cavitation / Advanced Oxidation

Hydrodonamic cavitation is a process intensification technique that creates nanometer sized cavitation bubbles due to a turbulent pressure field created by well designed orifice structures.

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Capacitive Deionization

Capacitive Deionization (CDI) is a cost effective alternative to reverse osmosis technology for desalinating water. While the result is similar, the concepts are exactly the opposite.

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SalStill produces water from direct sunlight.

there are no moving parts.

The sun delivers an average of 1-1.3 KW of energy per square meter of the earth’s surface through light waves.

If this light is captured at 100% efficiency, it can produce

1.5-2.0 liters of water per hour per M2.

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Voltek Solar Products


Air to Water

The revolutionary Voltek HCS series systems offer an immediate solution to drinking water shortages worldwide.

The HCS systems are specially designed to maximize conversion of water vapor in the air to pure drinking water using solar energy.

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Desalination System

Remote locations that lack availability of grid electricity can install specially configured Capacitive Deionization systems powered via the electricity generated by photovolatic solar cells.

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